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What's that? Dan posted an LJ entry? OH EM GEE TO THE MIZAXX.

Things since February have been okay. Derrek and I ended on a bad note and I hate myself for losing him back in May. And when I say that, I really mean that I don't think about anything else. Ever. But eh, life goes on.

The summer was interesting. Jon is still obsessed with me, and rejecting him every chance I get is becoming a losing battle. It's so annoying.

Andrew moved into the apartment with me and things have been going well for the most part. He does the dishes and takes the trash out all the time. He's pretty much my personal slave. Good thing we chose to live with each other this year.

Tasha needs to stop fucking Chad every second of her life or she'll be finding herself in a cardboard box soon enough. She better not fail out of college like she nearly did last year.

Krystal and I have done nothing but gotten closer since the first semester of last year. We're the best of friends now.

Things with Matt are going well, too.

Same goes for Angela, but now that Rob is around, the two of them are conjoined twins it seems. And the constant drama surrounding Matt (and for some reason everyone else) is just becoming annoying. I care about Angela, Matt, Rob, whoever else, but really. When it starts to involve me (and even Andrew, wtf), that's when it needs to stop. Don't drag the rest of us down. ;_;

Classes blow this semester. I'm going to school every damn day which is hectic since I'm trying to juggle being a full time student, a quasi-full time worker, and having a social life. It sucks.

Andrew has been bringing home random boys lately. About one guy per night. It's starting to make me sick. And I know he's having sex with each other. And knowing that Jon and Andrew (and Scott and everyone else in the world) has some STDs. Mmm, that's nice to know. More like I want to die.

Scott just came over. Fuck him to hell. Seriously, fuck fuck fuck him. I hate that guy. Why is he at the apartment?

I love how Andrew told me to tell him whenever I invite someone over. Yeah, not happening. Not since he's had Jon, some Tristian dude, Scott, and everyone else over without telling me. All of which annoy the living shit out of me.

And when I tell him that Matt is coming over, he bitches. Fuck off Andrew.

I guess you could say I'm annoyed with things, ha. Not with my immediate, super close friends, but with the others. Things with Krystal and Matt are great, but everyone else... eh. They could be better. Tasha needs to stop hurting herself with Chad, Andrew needs to stop being a nasty slut, Jon needs to get the hell over me, Andrew and Rob need to get over themselves.

But whatever. I keep a smile on my face at all times and brush this stuff off. I'm not unhappy, perse. I'm actually quite happy with the way the semester started off so far.

And I kind of wish I wouldn't have abandoned my LJ over the past six months. I've missed posting random stuff about my life. =)
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That's right, my journal is now FRIENDS ONLY. I guess this will help make things more secure since there are peeping eyes all over the place. The main reason it's blocked off to everyone is because my mom found it and snooped around.

How nice of her.

Anyway, comment to be added. When you're doing this, though, please show some intelligence. I ignore all comments that resemble this in any way, shape, or form:

"LIEK ONG D4N wILl u aD mee2 ur jUrNiL cuz OMG dood urrr soOoO HAWT!11!~!1seven"

If you can't type, don't even bother - I won't add you. It really isn't all that much fun to have to STRAIN to read someone's journal. Use some basic English skills. Grammar works best. That's what it's there for.

*Total number of comments before last purge - 287